BioArt Winners for 2017 Are Named

By | December 21, 2017

FASEB has announced the winning entries in the 2017 BioArt competition: twelve images and three videos that demonstrate the art of life sciences. Now in its sixth year, BioArt is helping scientists across the country share the beauty of biological research and inspire public curiosity and support for science.

This year’s winners include members of seven FASEB societies and represent a wide range of biological research, from mercury toxicity to lung disease to hazardous waste storage safety. All 15 winners can be viewed on FASEB’s website.

“These images offer glimpses of the wide range of extraordinary scientific progress being made in labs across the country – and they’re captivatingly beautiful,” said Thomas Baldwin, PhD, FASEB President. “I will never forget the feeling of wonder when I first saw a model of a protein, over 50 years ago.”

The BioArt competition is open to members of FASEB societies and biomedical and life scientists who receive U.S. federal funding to conduct their research. More information can be found on the BioArt web page.