FASEB Advocacy Slide Deck

By | July 20, 2017

At a time of uncertainty for research funding, FASEB has developed a new advocacy resource, the “Value of Federally Funded Biological Research.”

This new slide deck illustrates how research improves the nation’s health, quality of life, and economy. Motivated by a request from the American Society for Human Genetics for a tool they could share with members, FASEB developed this resource to help scientists make the case for federal research funding. The slides are designed for both scientific and non-technical audiences and can be used at district meetings, scientific talks, and public outreach events.

The presentation is organized into three areas:

  1. The history of the federal investment in research;
  2. The many benefits derived from this investment, from improved health and quality of life to economic growth and high-paying jobs; and
  3. The outlook for sustained federal support.

To assist presenters, the notes panel includes additional resources, background information, citations, and FAQ. In September, FASEB will hold a Webinar to assist with effective presentation of the slides; stay tuned for a date and time.

The slide deck and additional resources can be downloaded here.